Spears v Mercury 15/02/13

Paulton Spears prove how far they’ve come this season in their latest match against Mercury. The starting quarter began well with Kelly calmly and consistently feeding the ball into Milly and Meg. Katrina and Kirsty in defence made the opponent’s job hard with some fantastic interceptions leading to the quarter ending 5-2.

With no changes to the line-up, Spears came out strong and with the ever growing number of interceptions, they quickly added to their goals. Kelly R, coming back from an injury, made sure that the ball didn’t come near her opposing player by marking tightly constantly and picking up any lazy passes from Mercury’s players.

They went into the third quarter ahead at 10-7 however Mercury fought back hard and even with Milly’s great long range shooting, fresh legs from Pip and Meg’s growing confidence in the D, it was goal for goal. The quarter ended 13-14

With a final shuffle of Kelly R back at WD, every goal counted. Hayley was working hard at centre and made some brilliant turn overs. In the defensive circle, Kirsty was plucking the ball out of the air with ease and Katrina was marking tightly. But unfortunately, Mercury’s effortless shooting sealed their win.

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