Spears v Monmouth

Saturday saw Spears take on Monmouth in their 4th match this season. The first quarter saw a solid performance from both teams. Coming out strong for centre passes Liz (WA) and Zoe (GA) gave Ruby (C) plenty of passing options, it was a promising start to the game.


With a goal difference of 4, 8-12 to Monmouth, Spears made necessary turnovers in the second quarter as Milly (WD) and Kelly (GD) plucked the ball out of the air making valuable interceptions. Meg (GS) and Zoe communicated and moved continuously well in the circle to make goal after goal. Unfortunately for Spears, so did Monmouth. The second quarter ended 20-26.


Spears mixed things up in the third quarter, with changes in centre court. Amy (GK) found herself vertically challenged in the circle and Monmouth pulled ahead 26-39.


With a final effort to minimise the goal difference Milly moved to GA and Zoe GS. Kelly moved to WD and Harriet came on with fresh legs as GD. Battling until the end, with great movement, spacing and team work sadly Spears were defeated 32-55.


With heads held high they remain positive and are ready for their encounter with Queensway next week. Meg Taylor was voted Player of the Match.

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