Spears v Newbarn 19/10/13

Spears took on top of the table Newbarn at home, they got off to a fantastic strong start, taking a 3-0 lead early on. At the end of the first half spears were leading 7-4, a few changes saw 
Pip come on at WD and Kelly move to GD, Newbarn started to settle and we're battling back, but Spears were still in the lead at half time. The start of the third quarter saw Pip move to GS, 
some amazing attacking build up from Hayley and Jade saw Milly GA and Pip dominate the shooting circle. Spears defence were staying strong and getting some really important 
interceptions, with Becky GK picking up the rebounds. Spears had built up a good lead and were 18-11 up at the end of the third quarter. The final quarter and Newbarn came out hard 
breaking Spears straight away but Spears battled back with some great play and were quickly dominating refusing to let Newbarn back in the game. The final score was 22-15 to Spears a 
fantastic team performance and well done to man of the match Pip.

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