Spears v Reckleford 12/01/13

Unfortunately spears was no match for Reckleford with a drop in tempature and with Kristie back from an injury. Spears started strong in the first quarter with Zoe and Megan doing great shooting and great attacking from Martie and Hayley as wing attack and centre saw a strong start for paulton. Also a strong defending from Kelly, Katrina and Kristie.
In the next Quarter saw Milly and Ruby as wing attack and centre and fought hard to get the ball but Reckleford was proving to strong as was winning 20-9.
The final two quarters saw changes from the spears putting Zoe into defence and milly into shooting and still was standing strong. Although the spears side battled hard throughout the game, it was not their day as the final result ended as them losing 49-11.
Spears would like to thank the umpires and supporters especially as it was a wet day.

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