Spears v Reckleford 27/02/2016

Spears played at home to 2nd placed Reckleford in very cold conditions. Spears knew it would be a hard game and started well. Ruby linked well with the shooters, feeding with accuracy and great timing to awaiting Meg and Millie. Kim worked well at GK limiting the goal shooters space. Reckleford also played well and the first quarter ended even at 7 goals all.


Spears did the first of rotations going into the second quarter, with Kim off and Amy on in defence. Unfortunately Spears made several errors which meant Reckleford were able to convert into goals. The defence worked hard, and Shelley at centre was able to get some interceptions, but Reckleford pulled away and the quarter ended 19 goals to 15.


The third quarter saw further changes, with Helen coming on at goal shooter, kim back on at GK, Amy moving to GD. This gave renewed drive to Spears and with Kelly in WD marking her attacker well meant this put pressure on Reckleford, and they had to work extra hard in the attack. Helen an Millie linked up well in the shooting circle, with Millie moving well and both making great goals. Spears were able to reduce the gap and the 3rd quarter ended with Reckleford only 2 goals ahead, at 28 goals to 26.


The remaining quarter saw Liz return at WA with Ruby having a well deserved rest. Both teams fought hard in the final quarter, however Spears were unable to gain enough turnovers to take back the lead. Reckleford’s attack remained strong, and although the defence worked their socks off, the game ended with Reckleford winning 38 goals to 34.


Thanks to all the supporters, Cheryl for umpiring, and Helen playing with the team

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