Spears v Walton Green 02/03/13

The Paulton Spears team lost out to Walton Green at home on Saturday.  The springtime glare of the sun worked against both teams’ shooters, yet Megan (GS) and Pip (GA) produced intricate plays around the ‘D’, with the help of Shelly (WA) and Ruby (C), to enhance the scoring opportunities.  Nonetheless, Walton Green gained the lead as the first quarter ended 5-9.

The next quarter saw a defensive swap of Kirsty to GD and Katrina to GK; with the Spears’ captain, Katrina, managing to tip many of the passes that were torpedoed to Walton Green’s tall shooter and providing numerous turnovers. The second quarter’s scores were more even but Walton still had the lead, 11-16.

Even with Kelly (WD) making consistent interceptions throughout the game, Spears were still trailing by the end of the third quarter, 18-15. Though Spears had adjusted well to their opposition by the second half, by utilizing short passing plays to breach the Walton defence, it was not enough to make up the scoring deficit and the game ended 22-31 to Walton Green.

Spears would like to thank the umpires for their time and an enjoyable game, and thanks to the spectators for their encouragement.

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