Tomahawks v Hovelands 23/03/13

The first quarter started goal for goal much to the delight of Tomahawks’ supporters, however once Hovelands realised that Paulton were not the easy match they anticipated they quickly found their dynamic stride leaving Paulton trailing 9 – 19 after the first quarter.  However not to be deterred the girls knew that they had played 15 minutes of strong, vibrant netball and were not going to give up.

The second quarter witnessed Char (GK) and Victoria (GD) find a chink in Hovelands’ shooters’ accuracy, as they continued to force them to miss shoot and secure valuable rebounds for Ness and Jade to move up court to Cheryl (GA) and Davina (GS) who were still shooting with ease and out playing their experienced defence.  Once again the team continued to fight for loose balls and to mark up quickly on the overturn to keep Hovelands at bay.  By the end of the second quarter the team trailed by 10 goals, mounting the pressure on their opponents.

The third and fourth quarter continued to be just as exciting as the first with Paulton continuing to find each other with ease and accuracy.  Impressive interceptions were made across the court by all players ensuring that Tomahawks could counteract any goals scored by Hovelands’ interceptions.  As the final whistle blew, the girls left the court on a high, knowing that they had performed well and should be extremely proud of their team performance.  The final score was 40 -63, a much improved results compared to the team’s last encounter.  Player of the match as voted by Hovelands was Davina at GS for her movement, strength and shooting.

Tomahawks would like to thank Jane for umpiring and to all of their supporters who came to cheer them on.

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