Tomahawks v Knights 27/10/12

With a change in temperature, it was a very cold morning as Paulton’s Tomahawks stepped onto court against a tall and aggressive Knights team. With Charlotte back from injury the defensive team of Char and Victoria were back to normal and working hard to defend off Knights’ shooters. Tomahawks found it hard to settle into their routine play and ended the quarter 4 – 8 to Knights.

With some positive words from Deb and Victoria, Tomahawks changed Hayley to centre and Ness to WA to try and settle the attack. The centre court settled, yet struggled to make the most of shooting opportunities against brilliant defence from Knights.

At half time Tomahawks decided to change the way of play and try some new rotations. Derby and Jade came on as GA and WA, and Cheryl dropped back to defend a strong Knights shooter. Some great interceptions from Laura, Cheryl and Hayley saw Paulton reduce Knights ability to shoot and reduced the lead to 11 – 30.

Paulton made a few last changes for the last quarter and gave it 100%. With cheers from the sidelines, Paulton were able to demonstrate some dynamic court play. Sadly, it was too late and Knights won the game 19- 38.

Thanks to the Jane and Mavis for umpiring and all the supporters, who stood out in the cold!

Player of the match: Hayley Warren.

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