Trident v Tomahawks 13/04/13

Paulton’s Tomahawks travelled to Taunton on Saturday to face their 5th toughest match in a row.  With Trident positioned 3rd in the league the team knew they face another difficult match with their focus on walking away with a point for getting half of Trident’s goals.  However despite facing experienced competition they confidently took to the court with captain Vanessa back from a neck injury and Davina, GS returning from a knee injury much earlier than expected to give the team an added boost.

The first quarter started quickly with Trident keen to showcase their skill and dominance.  Tomahawks fought back with Jade and Darby driving forward in attack to maintain possession to feed Cheryl and Davina in the shooting circle.  Accurate long shots from the shooters kept Paulton in the game as Trident continued to push Tomahawks defence to the max with their quick passing and unmissable shooting.  The first quarter finished 21 – 9.

With all to play for the team took to the court for the second half with the aim of staying in contention for a league point with Vanessa coming on at WA to replace Darby for a quarter.  From the whistle Tomahawks came out fighting hard, playing their own game and slowing the pace down to suit their game.  This proved to be successful with slick movement from Cheryl, GA and Davina at GS ensured they were in position to shoot confidently scoring another 9 goals, while the team’s accuracy also reduced Trident’s ability to intercept the ball reducing their shooting average by 2 goals.  The quarter finished 40 – 18 with the squad chasing 3 goals to ensure their vital point.

After a positive team talk at half time the team took to the court again with Darby coming back on at WA.  Unfortunately for Paulton within the first 5 minutes GK Andrea took a fall, twisting her ankle to finish the game for her just as she was getting the better of her GS.  This lead to the squad making a number of changes with Charlotte moving back to GK and Vanessa coming on at WD.  Determined to play well for Andrea the team once again attacked hard, focusing on driving on to the ball to increase their goal average for the quarter and holding Trident’s shooters at bay, again reducing their average to 59 – 28.

Once again with 3 goals to chase the team took to the court with confidence, however within minutes captain Vanessa also injured her ankle.  This saw the final rotation of the match with Darby moving to WD and Sarah making her debut at WA from Vipers.  To the team’s credit they settled quickly with Sarah’s speed giving the attack an added boost combined with Davina’s confidence in her knee’s ability increasing, witnessed her outplaying one to the best GK’s in the league.  With the team gelling quickly the ball flowed smoothly up the court from defence as Victoria and Charlotte secured valuable rebounds and worked hard for the odd circle tip.  Unfortunately for the team the quarter was their highest scoring yet they were two goals short of securing a league point.  The quarter finished 78 – 38.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and their supporters for cheering them on, especially Vipers for travelling down early to watch.  The girls would also like to wish Andrea and Vanessa a speedy recovery and also Sarah who went on to injure her ankle in the Vipers match.

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