Vipers v Emeralds 20/12/14

Vipers played home to Emeralds Saturday in their last game of the year. Although it was bitterly cold, Vipers started strongly and scored several goals in quick succession. Emeralds then fought back which rattled Vipers a bit and this resulted in a few mistakes, which Emeralds used to their advantage. The first quarter ended 15 – 8.


After the first break, Vipers started to communicate more and this paid off in defence with Becky, Kim and Andrea. They applied pressure on the Emeralds attack meaning the Sydenham side only managed 3 goals. Vipers strong shooters Ness and Helen consistently found the net scoring 19 goals. The second quarter finished 34-11.


Vipers continued to keep the pressure on in the third quarter, with Shelley and Deb linking up well in the attack, getting some interceptions, which were quickly converted into goals. Kristie also used her skills to get several tips and interceptions in defence, limiting emeralds to only 2 goals in the penultimate quarter. It ended 54-13.


The final quarter saw some rotations in the squad, with Shelley going to C, Deb to WA, Ness to GS and Helen to GA. This did not stop Vipers momentum and the shots still found their target. Although a few more silly mistakes were made, Vipers spirits remained high and they continued to push for their highest score to date. The game ended 74-17.

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