Vipers v Emeralds 26/10/13

The first quarter saw Vipers start with a slightly different team with Kristie starting at GK and Andrea at WD due to Liz being injured. Vipers dominated the quarter and it ended with them leading 6-1

The second quarter started with Emeralds making some changes and bringing a more experienced shooter out of defence.  This didn’t disrupt Vipers defence with Kristie and Kim making some important interceptions.  At half time Vipers had increased there led by 7.  19-12

The third quarter saw Vipers have a slight wobble with a few passes going astray and some important interceptions from Emeralds.  Vipers held on at quarter time still leading 24-21

The start of the fourth quarter Vipers knew they had to up there game and not get complacent. Excellent rebounding in defence meant Gloria, Ness and Hayley were able to link up well and feed the ball into Zoe and Helen in the circle and score from the turnovers.  At the final whistle the match ended with a great hard fought win for Vipers 34-30.

Vipers would like to thank Jane for umpiring and to all of their supporters who came to cheer them on.

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