Vipers v Keinton Kestrels 09/03/13

After a close battle the last time these two teams met Vipers knew saturdays match was going to be a tough one.

The game started goal for goal, with neither team able to capitalise on interceptions. Swift passing in the centre court by Liz and Sarah meant that Vipers grew in confidence. Working as a unit to get the ball to the awaiting shooters.

The second quarter saw changes for Paulton with a shift around in defence to shake the Keinton shooters. Still each the game remained tight.

Further changes in the third quarter allowed Keinton to push a little ahead of Vipers. Still the team kept the pressure on and forced cracks to show in the Keinton team. Laura and Shelley pressured their opponents into making mistakes. The quarter ended with Keinton a few goals ahead of Vipers.

The final quarter saw Paulton back to their original positions. Kirsty and Kim worked well as a defensive unit turning the ball over that was then sent smoothly up the court to Helen and Kristie who easily found the net. Despite this being their strongest quarter Vipers just couldn’t quite get the win with the whistle blowing and the game ending 29-30 to Keinton.

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