Vipers v Knaves 27/10/12

Saturday saw Paulton Vipers take on Knaves of Tor at home. The game started chilly by the action soon heated things up. The first quarter started with both teams out for a win. The ball was intercepted by both sides repeatedly. Vipers strong attacking team worked well together ensuring every opportunity was taken.  The quarter ended with the home side a little ahead 10-8

The second quarter was much the same, with a subtle change in Vipers defense with Andrea back to GK and Kim at GD. This shook Knaves slightly allowing Vipers to push ahead further. The ball was turned over by Liz who backed up the attack well and pushed hard helping to end the quarter 20-15.

The third quarter was much the same. Both sides battled hard, but the added fresh legs of Shelley at C meant Vipers could capitalize on the tiring knaves mistakes. Sarah sent quick and direct passes into the awaiting shooters proving invaluable to vipers and keeping the 5 goal lead. The quarter ended 26-23.

A quick return to positions in defence and Jade on at WD once again proved hard for knaves to deal with in the final quarter, with Vina and Darby on target in attack  for Vipers there was little the away side could do to catch up. The game ended with another win for Paulton Vipers 36-33.

Thanks once again to all our vocal supporters – its always appreciated.

Player of the match as voted by Knaves: Darby Neil

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