Vipers v Newbarn (KO Cup) 04/10/14

After a wet start to the day the sun shone for Vipers Knockout Cup fixture against Newbarn.


The game started strong for Vipers. The experienced attack being backed up well by mid court players Shelley and Deb allowed Vipers to take a comfortable lead, closing the quarter 17-7.


The Vipers defence took control over the 2nd quarter, with Andrea making valuable interceptions. The defensive powerhouses of Becky and Kim turned over most of the Newbarn attacking attempts, with only 4 goals getting through. Newbarn were stuggling to find a way through and the first half ended 37-11.


Vipers continued into the 3rd quarter with effective passing up the whole court from defence to attack Vipers team were well and truly gaining momentum; Helen and Ness in the attacking circle were unstoppable with the ball repeatedly finding its way to the net. Vipers led 53-17.


With the win all but confirmed Vipers decided to make changes in the 4th to allow positional practice, with the vipers players in positions they were unfamiliar with the last quarter saw goal for goal action with both teams scoring 6 goals, 59-24. Vipers are now through to the 2nd round of the KO-Cup to be played in November. Thanks to all the spectators. Player of the match (voted by Newbarn) Helen Players Player (voted by Vipers) Ness.

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