Vipers v Sharks 10/10/2015

In their 3rd league match of the season Vipers were home to Sharks of Yeovil.

With Deb out injured Vipers took to court with Hayley at C and Zoe at WA. The quarter started slowly for Vipers struggling to find there momentum from the last 2 weeks. But as the quarter progressed as did Vipers. The quarter ended with Vipers trailing by 7. 8-15 to Sharks

A change around at quarter time saw Helen move to WA, Ness move to GS and Zoe to GA. The momentum was still with Sharks and even with some key interceptions from Vipers defence the quarter ended with Sharks still leading 21-12.

Some strong words at half team and another change around in attack with Ness and Helen swapping. Saw Vipers winning the third quarter but still trailing 21-27

The last quarter and Vipers came out strong with the never give up attitude. Becky and Kirstie getting some excellent interceptions and Hayley Andrea and Ness moving the ball down court well in to Zoe and Helen.  Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough and the game ended 29-34. Fab game with Vipers proving they are no walk over in this new division.

Many thanks to Hazel for umpiring Andy for scoring and for Shelley and Cheryl for reserving and all the supporters.

Player of the match was Kirstie and players player was Becky.

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