Vipers v Spears 13/12/14

An extremely icing Saturday morning saw Paulton Rovers Netball Club’s two division two teams battle it out in an exciting and closely fought interclub match.

The game started well for both sides with Spears showing fantastic level of play, intercepting weak passes and pressuring all attacking moves made by Vipers. Ruby, Liz and Millie worked hard in the centre court working the ball well and closing down Vipers attacking opportunities. The quarter was goal for goal for with neither side able to capitalise on interceptions. The quarter ended with a very tense score line of 11 all.

After a quick break the second quarter started much the same as the first with interceptions and poor passes allowing both sides to turn the ball over. Zoe and Meg in the Spears shooting circle played the ball well, linking well as a unit and making Vipers work hard for every ball. However Vipers strong defence of Andrea, Becky and Kim made pivotal interceptions allowing Vipers to take a slim lead closing the first half 16-13.

The third quarter saw Vipers come out with nerves finally dissipating and a greater sense of focus, Shelley and Deb pushed hard in the centre court turning the ball over and sending the ball swiftly and accurately into the awaiting shooters. However Spears remained strong and determined, chasing every loose ball and pressuring every pass. Despite Spears’ determination Vipers pushed further ahead to close the quarter 30-21.

Spears were still battling hard going in to the final quarter with Amy and Kelly holding firm in the Spears defence, pressuring every shot and pass working as a team. Vipers shooters Helen and Ness remained strong repeatedly finding their target boosting Vipers chances of a victory. Spears were not willing to let Vipers have it all their way and with excellent communication proved to be a formidable side. The game ended with a Vipers win 43-27 both sides showed a fantastic level of play making the rematch in the New Year an exciting one to look forward to. Spears Player: Ruby and Megan. Vipers Player: Kim

Thanks to all the supporters who braved the chill to cheer on both sides.

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