Vipers v Walton Black 09/03/13

Paulton started this match with their full squad of 9 players, meaning they could utilise their rotation formations. Kristie and Helen started well in the attack in the first quarter, with both players moving well to create space. This allowed Sarah at C and Liz at WA able to feed them with ease. Unfortunately the accuracy of Walton’s shooter meant the first quarter ended 12 -6 to Walton.

The second quarter started with Kelly coming on in attack in place of Kristie, who again soon settled into the attack. The defence worked hard, with Laura at WD getting interceptions, but unfortunately Vipers couldn’t quite link up and made a few errors, which resulted in Walton scoring their most goals this quarter, ending it 30 goals to 13.

The third quarter brought another rotation, including bringing on the fresh legs of Shelley at WD. The defence worked hard, and both Kim and Andrea were able to force errors into Walton’s shooting circle by upping the pressure and managing to get rebounds, despite facing a tall shooter. Vipers managed to limit Walton goals to 11, and got 9 themselves, meaning the score was now at 41-22.

The final quarter saw Shelley moving to C and Laura back on at WD. With great feeding from Liz, Vipers managed to continue fighting to the end. Unfortnatetly the score did not reflect the hard work put into all of the squad, as they couldn’t quite match Walton’s experience as a team. The final whistle blew with the end result at 28-55.  Thanks to the umpires and all those that came to support.

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