Vivary v Tomahawks 16/04/2016

Tomhawks faced Vivary from Taunton on Saturday in a battle for 5th and 6th place in the league. With Cheryl running the Brighton Marathon for TIP, Darby stepped up to play GA with super subs Kim, Helen, Amy and Liz on standby.

The match started intensively with Vivary attacking hard in centre court to pull ahead 8-4 in the first quarter. The 2nd quarter saw Tomahawks go out strong, focusing on accurate passing and securing turnovers, however Vivary made less mistakes punishing the squad to lead 24-16 at half time.

However with a strong team talk and a tactical change swapping Jade WA and Caron C saw the team come out fighting. Kristie and Kristy in defence started tipping balls for Victoria and Caron to pick up as Vivary found it harder to feed their shooters. As Tomahawks’ confidence grew so did their match flare with Davina and Darby linking up well to score some fantastic goals to win the quarter 32-26.

With the pressure now on Vivary Tomahawks were able to apply more pressure, turning over balls mid court, securing rebounds both ends of the court and limiting Vivary’s attacking options. An amazing display of teamwork, confidence and experience ensured¬† that Tomahawks continued to close the gap, with minutes to go Tomahawks scored continuously to trail by 1 goal. As the whistle went the girls were left disappointed to have lost 35-34 but walked away on a high after winning the 2nd half of the game finishing the stronger side.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring this season and their supporters for cheering them on.  Player of match Victoria, players player Jade.

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