Walton Greens v Paulton B 10/12/11

Paulton B travelled to Walton to play their newly formed second team, having played the first side in a tough game a few seasons ago Paulton were unsure what to expect on this cold Saturday afternoon.

The game started well with some great interceptions by Liz and great passing from all of the team. The ball moved quickly and efficiently down the court to the awaiting shooters who had their eye in from the start barely missing a single shot. Jade worked hard at C getting free constantly and putting some fantastic passes into the shooters. Paulton took little time to settle into their winning stride winning the quarter 3-19.

The second quarter saw great movement and communication from the B side, with great team play resulting in a multiple turn overs and some fantastic shooting. Andrea and Kim worked the defensive circle hard barely allowing the Walton shooters to have a chance on goal. Walton were starting to struggle and Paulton continued to play their own game and fight for every ball. The home side managed a single goal where as Paulton found the net 18 times ending the 1st half 4-37 ahead.

After a quick change around to once again show their versatility Paulton we back on court raring to go. Walton brought on a new GS and hoped she would give them a much needed lift however Paulton stood tall and made some great interceptions with Shelley moving the ball well through the centre court up to the attacking third. Helen and Darby worked superbly together moving well and finding themselves free of their defenders were able to score a magnificent 23 goals pushing Paulton further into the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter 8-60.

Walton adopted a more ferocious attitude in the final quarter becoming more forceful with their play, however Paulton remained steadfast with Sarah nipping into space well and making some great long passes into the awaiting shooters. The defence backed up the attack well showing the great play Paulton B can achieve by working solidly as a team. Walton attempted a come back having their best quarter all game however it just wasn’t enough and Paulton romped home victorious 15-72.

Thanks to Victoria for umpiring and to the loud supporters who kept us warm with their cheering!

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