Arrows v Aldon 13/12/14

In this home fixture against Aldon, Arrows took to the court in the first quarter with only six players but still remained positive. Darby stepped in to be the seventh player in WD. The quarter ended 1-14 to Aldon.

A few changes were made going into the second quarter with Shannon changing to C, Gemma K to WA, Gemma B to WD and Darby to GS. The changes made Arrows have a fresh perspective and in their preferred positions. Unfortunately, Aldon shooters were very strong so the score at the end of the quarter was 4-30

A switch around between Gemma B and Gemma K happened in the third quarter. Pip and Darby were a great pair as GA and GS making arrows score go into double figures. Beckie (GK) worked well with Harriet, who played GD, to do some brilliant interceptions in the circle and fought well for the rebounds throughout the game. This quarter ended 12-44 to Alden.

In the last quarter the team stayed as they were. But despite the efforts determination of the team, Aldon remained ahead with the final score as 14-59. Arrows would like to thank the umpires and supporters for giving up their time. The oppositions Player was Harriet and the Players’ Player was a tie between Shannon and Beckie.


Vipers v Minstrels 06/12/14

Paulton Vipers played hosted to Purnells Minstrels this Saturday in what is always an exciting match up.

The game started well for both sides with the ball going goal for goal for the first quarter. Each side showed skill of passing and movement. Vipers remained firm, with positive movement and strong passing, they found them selves with a slight goal advantage at the close of the quarter 12-11.

Vipers made defensive changes for the second quarter, with Becky on linking well with Kristie and Andrea preventing Purnells from gaining any attacking momentum.  Vipers attacked every ball and capitalised on Minstrels passing errors with the ball moving swiftly to the always on target Ness and Helen. Vipers spirit allowed them to push ahead 21-16 at the close of the first half.

After a rousing half time team talk Vipers came back on with a determination. Paulton closed down every pass, pressuring Minstrels into making mistakes. Deb worked hard in the centre court linking well with the awaiting shooters and Shelley. With both players making multiple interceptions that proved pivotal for Vipers as Minstrels appeared shaken but Vipers weren’t in the clear yet; 33-24.

The final quarter saw Minstrels fight back however Vipers remained strong and would not be shaken. The ball moved end to end for the best part of the quarter however with the home crowd behind them Paulton remained determined. Interceptions by Kim in defence allowed the ball to be turned over and these were easily converted by the superb play of the awaiting Vipers shooters. A great display of netball by both sides the game ended with another win for Vipers 40-31. Paulton Vipers remain undefeated in all games this season. Thanks to all the loud supporters!

Spears v Mars 06/12/14

A neck and neck game for spears on Saturday, the first quarter went off to a fantastic start with Spears getting 8 goals. Ruby (C) and Milly (WA) doing some lovely mid-court play feeding into Meg (GS) and Zoe (GA) leaving the score as 8-7.

In the second quarter Spears came on once again fighting strong, with some un-breakable defensive play between Kelly (GD) & Amy (GK). The balls were getting steadily passed down the court through Liz (WD) and Ruby (C) despite Spear’s high power defence Mars managed to get one ahead.

In the third quarter both teams came out tough and the game went end to end with both teams raising their scores to 20-24. There was some brilliant centre court action by Liz C Ruby WD Milly WA.

In the final quarter both teams came out fighting and keeping up the pace. Thanks to some excellent game making from all the team, Spears managed to bring it up to a close score against Mars of 28-29 to Mars.

Well done to Amy and Kelly who were very deservedly voted joint players player and thanks to the Umpires for their hard work and Spectators for their support.

Newton v Hawks 29/11/14

Paulton’s Tomahawks continued their impressive form last week convincingly beating Swans in the 2nd Round of the KO Cup for the second time this season.  The squad now face Newton in the quarter final in January, however when they meet them they will be hoping for the game to go in their favour having lost to them on Saturday 60 – 37.

The first quarter started nervously for both teams, who played some exceptionally fast netball littered with mistakes.  However as both teams settled the standard of play increased and so did the level of competition with Newton coming out hard against Tomahawks to finish the first quarter 14 – 6.

Not to be deterred and with the first of many rotations the team entered the 2nd half positively with Davina out at GD making use of her height to intercept a number of passes, forcing Newton’s attack to change their style of play.  This with Laura at WD also pressuring her WA enabled the team to make centre court turnovers which Jade and Sarah fed into shooters Darby and Cheryl.  Unfortunately despite the 2nd quarter being stronger for Tomahawks, Newton also had an impressive run scoring 20 goals to finish 34 – 15.

With one point to chase with a win out of sight the girls started the second half motivated and strong.  Accurate passing and running on to the ball ensured that the team kept control of the ball with Jade and Sarah making some great interceptions  and chasing down loose balls.  Victoria and Cheryl also linked up well in defence forcing Newton to make errors that Tomahawks converted into goals with sisters Darby and Davina.  The fast paced quarter proved to be the team’s strongest with them beating Newton 46 – 28.

Unfortunately despite Tomahawks getting themselves back into the fast paced game and reducing their errors Newton were able to pull away 60 – 37 with some amazing shots from both their unstoppable shooters.  Tomahawks may not have won but when they meet their cup rivals in January on an outdoor court they are hoping for a closer match, now knowing what to expect from the impressive team.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and their spectators for cheering them on.  Players of the match were Sarah and Darby.

Reckleford v Spears 29/11/14

Spears battled hard against Yeovil’s Reckleford to achieve an important win. The team started the first quarter strong knowing they had a tough game ahead of them, but with accurate passing down the court from Millie and Ruby along with turnovers being forced the quarter ended 8-6 to Spears.
Into the second quarter, both teams were still struggling to gain a definite lead with some points of the quarter being goal for goal. However, with some important interceptions from Harriet and great teamwork between Amy and Kelly in the defence circle to gain rebounds the second quarter ended 15-12 to Spears.
After a motivating team talk, Spears were fired up to get into the third quarter. Keen to now extend their lead, Meg made some fantastic movements to dominate the circle and on the rare rebound, Zoe was always there to take that second shot. Passes were still accurate and the defence was applying more and more pressure forcing mistakes which lead to the third quarter ending 23-16 to Spears.
The final quarter was underway, the atmosphere within the team was very positive and the defence team were on fire, intercepting difficult balls and the whole team were battling for the win and to prevent Reckleford getting within five goals. The hard work paid off and the final score was 29-24 to Spears. Player of the match was Amy and we would like to thank Rebecca for reserving.

Arrows v Cannons 19/11/14

Arrows hosted to cannons for their first indoor match on a Wednesday evening. their was a sense of excitement and anticipation from the team as they warmed up. The team started positively with Gemma B and Gemma K linking up well in mid court at c and wa. The quarter also saw some great interceptions made in the circle by harriet at gk and beckie at gd. the quarter ended 3-10
The second quarter saw our u16 squad brought on to court and we saw some great defensive play making some great interceptions as well as strong passing in the mid court to move the ball into the shooting circle. Accurate passing and team work saw them score 3 more goals and the quarter ended 6-22
The third quarter saw further rotation with our senior arrow players joining our u16 on court. Gemma b moved to wd to make some excellent interception. Harriet and Beckie switched round to gd and gk. pip moved to goal ga and worked well with Ella in the circle securing a further 9 goals for the arrow team ending the quarter at 15-32
The final switch around saw Gemma k move to wa and Melissa making some fantastic interceptions at wd. This final rotation saw the arrows team score another 3 goals making the final score 18-47 the arrows team would like to thank the umpires and all the supporters for giving up their time and all of the u16 players that came along to play with us they showed grit and determination and displayed great play throughout

Junior Tournament

Paulton’s Under 16s put on a fantastic at their first tournament of the season this Sunday.
The first game was against Keinton. Paulton started slow and Keinton breezed ahead in the first half. Paulton picked their heads back up and with some great centre court play from Ellie and Emmie, paulton were able net some goals but Keinton were too strong and the game ended 17-7 to Keinton.
 The next game was against Wells. Paulton started quick and with a new shooting domination of Rebecca and Emily the goals were racking up and Paulton took the lead at half time. The next half was much the same with Cerys making some great interceptions in defence with Bethany Wells struggled to find their shooters and the game ended 15-6 to Paulton.
Paulton went into the last game with great confidence to get a win over a tall Tor team. Meg and Shannon made some great moves in the centre court making it hard for Tor to dominate and at half time Paulton led 7-6. However Paulton struggled to keep up with them in the second half. Despite Ella working hard to keep the ball out of the circle Tor were too strong and the game ended 16-9.
Paulton showed great team spirit throughout the morning and never gave up against some tough opposition.
The coaches would like to thank the parents for facing the cold and coming down to support.
Players of the tournament were Rebecca and Emily.

Arrows v Robins 08/11/14

A home fixture saw Arrows take on Robins from Bruton last Saturday. Paulton Arrows took to the court with positivity and a determination to build on the positives gained from last week’s fixture. Arrows started well and fought for the ball with Gemma B and Ellie linking up well in the mid court at C and WA however Robins quickly pulled in front. The quarter ended with the travelling side ahead 2-12.

In the second quarter Ella was brought on at GD with Harriett moving to WD, the defence kept the pressure on Robins. Rebecca stayed strong and determined at GK. Accurate passing and team work allowed Pip and Kyla to score 4 goals. Unfortunately Robins continued to pull ahead ending the second quarter 6-20.
The third quarter saw further rotations for the Arrows side with Gemma B and Ellie switching in the centre court and Gemma K moving to WD. Although the gap in goals increased Arrows remained positive throughout. The third quarter ended 7-40 to Robins.

A final switch around saw the two Gemmas rotate. Ellie remained at C showing great skill at the position, with clean movement and strong passing. Arrows made some fantastic interceptions and stuck tight to their players. However, the score did not reflect the efforts of the team as Robins stayed ahead leaving the final score 7-53. Since playing Robins for their first game in September, Arrows showed great improvement and fantastic defensive skills meaning Robins were not able to gain the same amount of goals in this game as they did before.

Arrows would like to thank the umpires and supporters for giving up their time. The oppositions Player was Harriet and the Players’ Player was joint Ellie and Gemma K.

Hawks v Wyndham 08/11/14

Paulton Tomahawks were at home to Wyndham on a very wet Saturday morning. The last time the teams met was a closely fought affair with Wyndham winning by just one goal, so Tomahawks were out for revenge and to add a much needed 5 points to the table.

As the whistle sounded starting the match the heavens opened and the game began. It was the visiting team who settled into their rhythm quickest, catching Hawks out with some neat interplay across the mid court. However, the home side started to acclimatise to the rainy conditions with Shelley and Jade linking well to feed the ball into the circle. The remainder of the quarter went goal for goal with Wyndham taking a two goal lead into the break. Hawks 8, Wyndham 10.

With the rain getting heavier the two teams returned to the court for the second quarter and it was clear that both were struggling with the conditions. But that didn’t deter anyone and every loose ball was chased down with both teams desperate to record a win. Darby and Davina in the circle were both being marked closely by the Yeovil defence and netting the ball was doubly hard with the rain lashing down. But the two shooters were working well together, moving the ball across the circle and working their way into a great shooting position. The Wyndham attack were also doing well, with the high lofted ball into their GS getting the better of Kirsty at GK most of the time. This meant that the scores stayed level at the end of the first half. Hawks 15, Wyndham 17.

The second half of the match started with the home team scoring two goals in quick succession to level the scores. Wyndham were finding it hard to find their attack from the centre passes with Laura and Victoria working hard in defence to limit their options and turning over the ball on several occasions. The team from Yeovil were also struggling to find their shooters with Kirsty marking the GS closely to prevent the high passes that Wyndham were favouring earlier on in the game. But with their defence working hard the visiting team were preventing Hawks from scoring and pulling away with the quarter ending only one goal to the good of the home team. Hawks 28, Wyndham 27.

Hawks took to the court for the final quarter determined to close out the game and end it with a home win. However, a drop in concentration enabled the visitors to pull back a few goals and take a one goal lead after the first five minutes. To their credit Hawks regrouped, forcing Wyndham to make reckless passes that were intercepted and sent back down the court and into the Paulton goal. And it was that strong team spirit that enabled Hawks to continue to battle for every ball ensuring a much deserved victory. Hawks 38, Wyndham 36.

Player of the match was Davina Neil. Players player was Darby Neil. Thanks to all the supporters who braved the terrible conditions to cheer us on and to Zoe for reserving.

Spears v Monmouth

Saturday saw Spears take on Monmouth in their 4th match this season. The first quarter saw a solid performance from both teams. Coming out strong for centre passes Liz (WA) and Zoe (GA) gave Ruby (C) plenty of passing options, it was a promising start to the game.


With a goal difference of 4, 8-12 to Monmouth, Spears made necessary turnovers in the second quarter as Milly (WD) and Kelly (GD) plucked the ball out of the air making valuable interceptions. Meg (GS) and Zoe communicated and moved continuously well in the circle to make goal after goal. Unfortunately for Spears, so did Monmouth. The second quarter ended 20-26.


Spears mixed things up in the third quarter, with changes in centre court. Amy (GK) found herself vertically challenged in the circle and Monmouth pulled ahead 26-39.


With a final effort to minimise the goal difference Milly moved to GA and Zoe GS. Kelly moved to WD and Harriet came on with fresh legs as GD. Battling until the end, with great movement, spacing and team work sadly Spears were defeated 32-55.


With heads held high they remain positive and are ready for their encounter with Queensway next week. Meg Taylor was voted Player of the Match.