Vipers v Priory 01/11/14

Vipers continued their undefeated streak to remain top of the table this Saturday with another win against the Taunton’s Priory.  The game began with a quick turn over of the Priory centre pass, Vipers started as they meant to go on with strong defending by Kim and Becky holding Priory to only 4 successful attacking attempts, closing the quarter 14-4.

Vipers continued to work together as a unit and Shelley battled in the centre court to allow swift passing to the awaiting shooters. Priory faltered against strong play from Vipers with pressured passes going astray and quickly picked up by the always ready Vipers defence. The first half closed with Vipers in the lead 26-9.

The third quarter was much the same for Vipers with continued strong passing and definitive movement. Deb covered ground all over the court providing back up to both the attack and the defensive circles. Vipers continued to push ahead finishing the quarter 36-18.

The final quarter saw Vipers have a switch around with Andrea moving to GD, working hard in the circle making multiple tips and interceptions. Ness and Helen impressed with fantastic shooting from all parts of the shooting circle. Momentum was very much with the home team, then in the final minutes injury hit and super sub Darby came on at GS, slotting the ball in the net as the clock ticked down. The game ended 50-28. Players of the Match (voted by Priory) Ness and Shelley. Players Player (voted by Vipers) Kim.

Hawks v Priory 01/11/14

Tomahawks knew they were in for another tough match against strong experienced opposition Vivary, and after a heavy defeat last weekend, they were determined to close the gap and enjoy the game. The game started with short and sharp passing creating a competitive start from both teams.

With a few rotations discussed the first half of the match was strong with Hawks playing their own game, the Hawks defence; Kirsty, Vic and Laura made Vivary work hard, and prevented attacking options for them. In the centre court Jade and Sarah linked up well with shooters Darby and Davina creating some great play and making it count between them. The first half ended 16-24 to the away side.

Hawks knowing that they were playing much better than last week went onto the court with a better mindset and switched Cheryl on at GK to hassle Vivary’s strong shooters and grab in the rebounds for Vic to give the long ball to the attack.  Darby kept the attack strong, creating space and passing around the circle to attackers Sarah and Jade making Vivary work hard to turn over the ball.

Although Hawks were losing 22-34 by the end of the 3rd quarter, they didn’t put their heads down and remained strong to keep the point.  Cheryl and Vic worked hard as a defensive partnership keeping the pressure on the Vivary attack, forcing some errors.

After last weeks defeat Hawks were pleased with their change of play this week despite the loss. The final score was 28-42.

Players of the match: Darby and Cheryl

Priory v Vipers 25/10/14

Paulton Vipers travelled to Taunton Vale to take on Priory in the autumnal sunshine. With five wins under their belt Vipers were keen to keep the winning streak alive.

The game started slowly with the similar kit colours throwing both teams, it took time to settle to ensure passing went to the right team. With tentative passing and definitive movement Vipers pushed ahead 4-10.

The second quarter saw Vipers ease into their stride more, with Deb working hard in the centre court to link up the attacking and defensive ends. A few stray passes allowed Priory to threaten an attack, however Vipers held strong and turned the ball over repeatedly sending the ball into the awaiting shooters. Helen and Ness repeatedly found the net ensuring Vipers remained in the lead 11-23.

After the break Vipers remained unchanged putting pressure on the slowing Priory team. Harriet (WD) closed out her opposition making multiple interceptions and passing the ball with accuracy ensuring Priory had little chance of making a late come back. Becky and Kim ensured the priory shooters faltered, with strong defensive play Vipers held out to close the quarter 16-34.

The final quarter saw Priory bring on fresh legs however Vipers pushed on with Shelley out classing her young defender to allow swift movement and accurate passing into the awaiting Vipers shooters. At the final whistle the game finished 24-45.

The game was a fantastic win for Vipers who continue their successful streak and look forward to facing Priory at home this coming Saturday. Player of Match (voted by Priory) Helen and Players Player (voted by Vipers) Harriet.

Hawks v Sharks 18/10/14

Luckily the rain held back for Paulton Tomahawks as they came out fighting against Sharks, the first quarter was close as the whistle blew for quarter time with only one goal holding Tomahawks back from taking the lead.

The second quarter started with both teams making rotations. Davina changed from GS to GK and Darby came on as GS unfortunately the oppositions defence were very dominating in Tomahawks shooting circle with Cheryl determined to pop the goals up into the net. With great passes coming from Jade and Sarah around the circle.

Half time and Tomahawks are a few behind, with more rotations changing Davina back to GS, Kirsty GK and motivational talks from spectators and both captains. The team went back on court ready to turn goals over. The next quarter started with Victoria and Kirsty making life difficult for Sharks attack, getting some great interceptions and putting on the pressure, passing the ball back down the court to Tomahawks shooters. Cheryl and Davina’s link up was unbelievable as the ball kept flying through the net. The rest of the quarter was going goal for goal making it tense for both teams.

Its 25 all, both teams started the last quarter with a win in mind. But it was Tomahawks who were more determined with excellent play coming down the court from Laura and Sarah with Davina and Cheryl taking control in the circle.  With cheers and encouragement from the side lines Tomahawks ended the game with a well-deserved win. Tomahawks 35, Sharks 33.

Player of the match awarded to Sarah.
Thanks to all the supporters, it was a great day for Paulton Rovers Netball Club.

Vipers v Dolphins 18/10/14

The weather held out for Vipers home fixture v close competitors Dolphins. The game started tensely with Vipers tentatively passing the ball. The first quarter remained goal for goal despite the best efforts of both teams with many interceptions made on both sides. First quarter ended 9-8.

The second quarter saw Vipers settle into their stride with strong defending by Andrea (WD) keeping her opposite number out of the game.  Becky and Kim once again worked hard as a defensive partnership putting pressure on the Dolphins attack preventing shooting options and turning the ball over. Vipers pushed ahead 20-16.

After the break Dolphins came back fighting, however Vipers held on. Deb worked the centre court hard making valuable interceptions and linking well at both ends of the court. The game remained a constant battle with Vipers still remained in the lead 30-28.

The final quarter had Vipers pushing for the win with Darby on outstanding form, facilitating excellent play. Ness and Helen continued to find form, with the ball repeatedly finding the net. The Dolphins defence struggled to contain the attacking section of Vipers with the home team romping home with the win 41-36.

Player of the match: Ness Players Player: Becky

Big thanks to all who supported us on the gloomy Saturday morning.

Venus v Vipers 11/10/14

The rain held off for Paulton Vipers’ visit to Bridgwater to take on table toppers Venus. In what was always going to be a tough game Vipers held strong to keep their winning streak alive.

The game started well with Vipers quickly turning over the Venus centre pass. Andrea (WD) put pressure on the Venus attacking centre court players shutting down multiple passes. Venus struggled to find an attacking advantage. The game remained tight with Vipers slightly ahead at the close of the quarter 10-12.

A change around saw Ness move to GA and Liz on at WA. This worked well with the ball moving swiftly into the attacking circle. Short sharp passing prevented Venus fantastic defenders from intercepting, with Vipers shooters finding the net repeatedly. The game remained tight with Vipers hanging on to the lead 23-25.

A further change for Vipers saw Kristie on at WD, making repeated two handed interceptions and linking well with the attacking players. Venus capitalised on a couple of poor Vipers passes and chased down the lead with the quarter ending 34-34.

The final quarter had Vipers looking nervous with hesitant passing Venus were able to take the lead, however Vipers defensive players shut down the young Venus attack with Becky (GK) preventing her player from gaining any ground and Kim (GD) making quick interceptions and linking well with Kristie stopping Venus’s late attacking surge. Helen and Ness worked the ball hard in the attacking circle repeatedly leaving the Venus defence stranded whilst they converted the goals. A fantastic game of netball by both teams the game ended 41-47 and Vipers continue to defend their undefeated streak.

Thanks to the supporters who travelled with us. Player of the match: Helen (voted by Venus and Vipers)

Hawks v Newton 11/10/14

Paulton Tomahawks took to the court on a wet October morning. Following a closely fought midweek game against Millfield, Hawks walked onto court confident that they could achieve their second league win of the season.

Hawks made a great start to the game taking the first 4 goals with Darby and Cheryl linking up brilliantly in attack. However, Newton soon settled and pulled back the deficit with the rest of the quarter going goal for goal. The teams left the court at the end of the first quarter level. Hawks 10, Newton 10.

Following a change to the attack, with co-captain Davina taking the GS bib from her sister Darby, Hawks returned to the court with the goal of forging a lead. The quarter started well with the defensive pairing of Victoria and Kirsty making life difficult for the Newton shooters but it was the team from Yeovil who started to pull away with several goals in quick succession. Hawks were starting to settle into the quarter with some great mid court work from Jade and Sarah to turnover the ball, when a time-out was called following a fall from the Newton GD. This interruption unsettled the home side and Newton were able to enter the half time break four goals to the good. Hawks 16, Newton 20.

Another change to the Hawks line-up was made with Darby moving back to the shooting circle and Laura returning to the court at WD for the start of quarter 3. The game restarted with the teams fighting over every loose ball, both determined to take home a win. Life was made even more difficult with the glare from the sun on the wet court forcing both teams to take their time moving the ball across the court. Paultons defensive unit were working tirelessly to prevent Newton from scoring with Kirsty at GK working hard to limit the options of the Newton GS, who rarely missed a shot. At the other end of the court Cheryl was taking control of the attack with some impressive shooting of her own, keeping Paulton in the game. Both teams increased their scores by 11 by the end of the quarter with Hawks still trailing by 4. Hawks 27, Newton 31.

Both teams started the final quarter with a win in mind. But it was Newton who got back into their groove quicker, turning over an early ball and increasing their lead to 6 goals. Hawks didn’t give up and played hard to the final whistle, never making the game easy for their opposition, but were unable to make up ground with the game ending with a Newton win. Hawks 33, Newton 38.

Thanks to all the spectators for their support and advice. Player of the match was Cheryl.

Hawks v Millfield 08/10/14

In their first home match of the season Tomahaks were out to make it three wins on the trot and continue their impressive start to the season as they hosted Milfield at Norton Hill School.

The first quarter was very evenly matched with both teams coming out strong. Davina and Cheryl were racking up the goals against a very strong and youthful defence and the first quarter ended 10-10.

The Second quarter saw Laura come on at WD, Sarah moved to C and Darby to WA. Tomahawks continued to work hard but Milfield edged ahead and the quarter ended 17-21.

Hawks made more centre court changes at half time with Jade returning to C and Sarah moving back to WA. Victoria and Kirsty battled hard in defence but the height of Milfield’s GS made stopping the goals just too difficult and the third quarter ended 24-31.

Tomahawks showed great team spirit and determination right to the final whistle but Milfield were just too strong in the end and the match ended 33-46.

Player of the match was Sarah.

Spears v Reckleford (KO Cup) 04/10/14

Spears took on Reckleford in a cup match on a very wet Saturday morning, Reckleford started well taking an early 2 goal lead, spears were taking a while to settle but a turn over from Milly at WD saw Spears pull a few goals back and start to settle. The first quarter ended 10-7 to Reckleford.

The second quarter saw Liz and Ruby swap C to WA. Spears started to gain control with Amy GK and Kelly GD putting the Reckleford attack under pressure and were able to gain possession of the ball. Half time and the score had been pulled to back 14-13.

The rain continued to drive down making it difficult for both teams, Zoe GA and Meg GS both worked hard and converted some excellent shots, the whole team battled on but the game finished 28-23 to Reckleford, a great team performance on only spears’s second game of the season, well done to Amy on getting player of the match.

Vipers v Newbarn (KO Cup) 04/10/14

After a wet start to the day the sun shone for Vipers Knockout Cup fixture against Newbarn.


The game started strong for Vipers. The experienced attack being backed up well by mid court players Shelley and Deb allowed Vipers to take a comfortable lead, closing the quarter 17-7.


The Vipers defence took control over the 2nd quarter, with Andrea making valuable interceptions. The defensive powerhouses of Becky and Kim turned over most of the Newbarn attacking attempts, with only 4 goals getting through. Newbarn were stuggling to find a way through and the first half ended 37-11.


Vipers continued into the 3rd quarter with effective passing up the whole court from defence to attack Vipers team were well and truly gaining momentum; Helen and Ness in the attacking circle were unstoppable with the ball repeatedly finding its way to the net. Vipers led 53-17.


With the win all but confirmed Vipers decided to make changes in the 4th to allow positional practice, with the vipers players in positions they were unfamiliar with the last quarter saw goal for goal action with both teams scoring 6 goals, 59-24. Vipers are now through to the 2nd round of the KO-Cup to be played in November. Thanks to all the spectators. Player of the match (voted by Newbarn) Helen Players Player (voted by Vipers) Ness.