Vipers v Hendford 29/03/14

On the back of an undefeated streak Paulton Vipers hosted Yeovil Henford this Saturday in a glorious March sunshine.  As Hendford are second in the league Vipers were expecting an extremely tough game and the supporters  were not disappointed.

The first quarter started with the score going to both ways with each centre pass, neither team could take the advantage. With Hayley back from injury Vipers held strong with steady passing and quick movement. They took the first quarter by the narrowest of margins 7-6.

The second quarter saw some fantastic defending by Becky and Kim. Who worked well together once again covering the circle well and preventing the Hendford attack from capitalising on any loose balls. Vipers remained ahead 18-16.

After a positive half time team talk Vipers took to the court with fresh vigor. Jade was on for Hayley linking well with Deb in the center of the court and making many valuable interceptions. Hendford however found some momentum in this quarter and for the first time in the game started to take the lead, ending the quarter 26-28.

The final quarter saw Vipers out fighting with Helen working well with Cheryl who was on for the injured Ness. Making very goal count the ladies repeatedly ran rings around the Hendford defence. Vipers romped home victorious with a fantastic score line of 42-37 keeping the Yeovil side from taking any points from the game. Player of the Match Helen Carpenter. Thanks to Victoria for umpiring and to all the supporters for being so loud.

Garnets v Spears 22/03/14

Saturday saw our Spears team travel to Sydenham to take on Garnets. The girls were expecting a good result and they were not disappointed. Spears were looking to maintain their top spot in the third division and took control early on breaking garnets first centre.

With some great attacking play from Hayley at C and Ruby at WA Spears dominated. The girls were on fire making multiple interceptions turning the ball over and sending it flying to the awaiting shooting pair. Spears took an easy early lead 1-20.

The second quarter saw the two Kelly’s remaining strong in defence preventing any slight chance the Garnets attack may have had. The whole team were in control and passing well. Fantastic shooting from Milly and Meg, who barely missed a shot. As the half time whistle blew Spears were leading 5-32 and most definitely in control.

The third quarter, saw more fantastic inceptions and support from Zoe. Spears were moving the ball around the court lovely, full of confidence. For the final quarter Pip moved to GA, enabling Spears to kept the momentum going and the whole team played an amazing game, The full time score was 10-66, a brilliant result. Well done to Hayley on player of the match. Big thank you to Hazel and Andy for umpiring and scoring.

Mercury v Vipers 22/03/14

With the sun shining Paulton Vipers travelled to Bridgwater to take on bottom of the table Mercury. Confident that their wining ways would continue Vipers were going for goal difference to improve their league table position.

The game started well good movement in the centre court by super sub Jade at C, proving a dynamic player leaving her opposite number for dust, moving the ball well up the court to the awaiting shooting pair. The quarter ended with Vipers in the lead 4-9.

With no changes to positions Vipers continued to work hard in centre court with Andrea and Deb working well together passing the ball into space and backing up the attacking shooters. Vipers continued to push ahead despite mercury gaining some late momentum 14-20.

The third quarter was much the same with some great defending by the defensive pairing of Becky and Kim, who communicated well to keep out the Mercury star shooter. The ball was quickly turned over and sent flying up court with some fantastic mid court play, the quarter ended 20-30.

The final quarter saw vipers come out all guns blazing with the defence working hard, intercepting the ball and backing up the attack fantastically. Helen and Ness proved a formidable shooting pair, running rings around the young mercury defence. At the final whistle vipers were victorious once again 24-41. Thanks to Zoe for reserving and Darb and Vina for being our support team!

This Saturday sees all three Paulton Rovers squads playing at home. Spectators are welcome with the first game being Hawks v Newton at 11am.

Queensway v Vipers 08/03/14

Paulton travelled to Taunton expecting a tough game against Queensway, who were above them in the league table. Due to injury, Liz replaced Hayley at WA, but the whole squad was determined to get back to winning ways!

The first quarter started hesitantly and both teams took time to settle and get into their own game.  Queensway took the lead after the first quarter 11-7. However, with a positive team talk the squad took the court with the new found commitment and determination. The defence of Becky (GK) and Kim (GD) switched on and made it tough for Queensway to score, resulting in a 19 all draw at half time.

The third and fourth quarter saw Paulton dig deep and make the most of mistakes from the opposition.  With careful centre court passing from Andrea (WD), Debbie (C) and Liz (WA), Ness (GA) and Helen (GS) were able to move ahead with some fantastic shooting. Final score resulted in a great team win for Vipers, 25-30.

Player of the match: Kim Freeman.

Thank you to Hazel and Andy for umpiring and scoring.

Hovelands v Hawks 08/03/14

Paulton’s Tomahawks travelled to Taunton on Saturday ready to expect a tough match against a team driving itself back up the league table.  The match started as expected with Hovelands coming out hard and fast with fantastic movement and their shooters performing at 100% despite Kirsty, GK and Victoria GD working hard to intercept in coming balls.  Despite Hovelands dominating the first quarter Paulton stayed in control of their own game keeping the ball short and sharp to find attackers Sarah, WA and Jade C with ease.  Strong movement from Darby, GA and Davina GS also insured that Tomahawks scored some great goals.  Unfortunately luck was not on the team’s side with many shots bouncing out of the ring to trail the first quarter 18 – 5.

With the team’s aim now on maintaining their strong playing style and increasing their goal score they headed into the second and third quarter with enthusiasm.  Fantastic play from Shelley, WD closed down Hovelands attacking speed and Kirsty working hard at GK intercepted valuable balls into the shooter, limiting Hovelands increasing score line.

As the final quarter approached luck finally fell for Tomahawks with the team displaying fantastic movement and control to start their fight back from 53 – 16 to finish the match 70 – 31, scoring a massive 15 goals in the final quarter.  Every player remained disciplined throughout the match, converting loose balls and interceptions into goals and displaying real teamwork thoughout the game.  Depsite loosing heavily the team walked off feeling fantastic knowing that the score line did not reflect the standard of play they had just demonstrated.

The team would like to thank Andrea for reserving and Jade for playing.  Player’s player was Darby and match player Davina.

Spears v Priory 22/02/14

Spears took on priory at home in a nail biting top of the table clash. Spears won the toss and started the game, both teams were nervous but Spears took an early lead through Milly GA. A few sloppy balls from Priory saw Pip WD picking up the ball and feeding Ruby WA in attack. Spears settled first and at quarter time they were 8-5 in front. A few changes were made and
Spears came out strong, Amy GK and Kelly GD we’re making some fantastic interceptions and Milly GA and Cheryl GS we’re converting the goals. Half time and spears were leading 20-13.
Driven on by their brilliant cheering spectators, Spears started the third quarter strongly, Hayley C continued to dominate and Pip WD made some timely interceptions. The whole team
continued to drive forward and ended the quarter 33-16. The final quarter priory came out strong but it was to late, Spears won the game 38-25 an amazing team performance from

Thank you to everyone who came and supported all three of our winning teams this week. Saturday 1st March sees Vipers and Spears at home again spectators are welcome.


Vipers v Monmouth 22/02/14

Saturdays sunshine saw Vipers take on Monmouth at home. After a picking up momentum with multiple back to back wins the squad were determined to keep their winning ways against the tough opposition.

The first quarter started well with monmouth struggling to get passes passed Vipers strong defence. The ball was very quickly turned over and sent swiftly up court by Debbie and Hayley to the awaiting shooters , the quarter ended with Vipers ahead 14-8.

The second quarter saw Vipers continue to maintain a high standard of netball with Ness and Helen working well to continually find the net. Monmouth’s defence struggled to find an answer to the attacking pair. 31-18.

Making no changes Vipers chose to keep their strong team in tact with Andrea and Kim making multiple flying interceptions that prevented the away side from making the most of any opportunities they had.  50-29.

The final quarter was the best across the court for Paulton with Becky stopping all balls into the awaiting GS. The ball was sent up court with panache, as all of the Vipers squad worked hard to come forward onto the ball preventing Monmouth from making any interceptions. The quarter ended 63-36 an absolutely fantastic win for Vipers.

Hawks v Vivary 22/02/14

Paulton Hawks started the first of 3 homes games on Saturday for the club against Vivary. Having lost to them previously and not gaining a point, they knew it was going to be a tough game, so went out with the attitude to just enjoy the match.Thankfully the weather was dry. but Hawks still started the first quarter playing short and sharp passing.

Missing Victoria, Cheryl stepped in to take the GD position and quickly settled in the defence partnership with Kirsty at GK. Together they put pressure on Vivary’s attack which forced some missed goals. Hawks were able to get some turnovers from this and ended the first quarter leading  10 goals to 7.


The second quarter started with Hawks playing their own game, with Shelley and Sarah linking well in the attack, ensuring they took their time feeding into the circle. With Davina moving strongly she was able to gain good position to shoot rarely missing the net. Darby also kept the attack strong, with her rotating and making space, and also scoring some great long goals. Hawks increased their lead and ended the 2nd quarter 18 goals to 11.


After a good team talk from captain Debbie at half time, still not quite believing they were in the lead, Hawks knew they had to continue to remain calm in the 3rd quarter. Cheryl made some great interceptions in the defence and Kirsty added to the pressure on the attack. Vivary were still fighting though, but with the supporters cheering them on Hawks still remained the dominant team increased their lead by 2 ending the quarter 27 goals to 18.


The final quarter proved to be the toughest, with both teams tiring but Vivary still looking to try and catch up to gain an extra point. Laura remained strong though and marked her WA out of the game in this final battle. Hawks did make a few mistakes, which allowed Vivary to close the gap. Thankfully Hawks kept fightling and managed to win the game and achieve another 5 points 31 goals to 26.

Mars v Vipers 15/02/14

Vipers travelled away from home to Bridgwater, in yet again wet and windy conditions, looking for another win! Due to Becky and Zoe not being available, Jade and Kristie stepped into the squad.

Both teams struggled with the weather in the first quarter, but short passes in centre court from Hayley and Jade, saw the shooters of Ness and Helen take a 9-8 lead.

With Vipers settling into their game and the defence of Kristie, Kim and Andrea making some fantastic interceptions, Vipers gained a 23-17 lead going into half time!

Despite some changes from Mars, the last two quarters saw Vipers remain in their positions. With a determination to win, continued control of the ball and great shooting, Vipers ended the game with another fantastic win 40-33. A great team effort!


Hawks v Knights 08/02/14

Tomahawks faced Knights on Saturday in awful weather conditions of high winds and ice cold rain; however the team were not fazed by the conditions, knowing that it favoured their style of play compared to that of Knights who like to play indoors. Short sharp passes were the order of the day with everyone having to work 100% not to fall into old habits of long balls. The first quarter started promising for Tomahawks with them matching Knights goal for goal with Kirsty and Victoria cementing their new defensive partnership, intercepting balls in defence and Cheryl and Darby linking up well in the shooting circle after just one training session. With Tomahawks walking off the mentally stronger team after the first quarter they knew they had more to give being down just two goals, 9-11.

After a positive team talk from Debbie the girls took to the court again knowing that Knights would be stepping up the pace of the game. With this in mind the girls continued to focus on their own style of play, keeping possession of the ball with short strong passes down the court with ease by Laura and Shelley, linking up with Sarah to hit Knight’s defence hard with their speed. With everyone finding their voices and defending the court hard, Knights were unable to run away with the match. Paulton finished the first half 14 – 19.

The second half saw a small dip in the team’s concentration with passes being intercepted by an agitated Knights who wanted to pull away. Despite the teams’ minor mistakes they were able to remain mentally strong taking their time to work the ball up the court into Cheryl and Darby who shot some fantastic goals under pressure. With excitement building on the sidelines the girls continued to work, driving into space despite limbs now feeling ice cold. The quarter ended 17 – 32.

With one more quarter to go the team were not about to watch a vital league point disappear so they headed out still determined to attack hard, this they did matching Knights goal for goal, aided by Kirsty’s amazing circle interceptions which Shelley and Laura quickly worked up the court for Sarah to feed into the circle. With the final seconds closing down Paulton fought hard to walk away with a point from a team who on their previous encountered had destroyed them. The final score was 20 – 32.

Players’ player went to Darby, Kirsty, Sarah and Shelley. Player of the match was Shelley and Darby. The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring, Jade, Kim, Helen and Ness for reserving and all their supporters for cheering them on.