Spears v Robins 08/02/14

Spears took on Robins at home in horrendous weather conditions. They took an early lead braking Robins first centre pass after a great interception from Meg playing GK rather than her 
usual GS. The end of the first half and Spears were in control leading 8-1. 
The second quarter saw Spears creating some fantastic attacking play, Debbie WD feeding some lovely balls up to Hayley C and Ruby WA. Then unfortunately Debbie had to go off with a 
pulled groin, so Cheryl came on as her replacement. After some fabulous shooting in really strong winds from Milly GA and Pip GS, Spears led 20-1 at half time. 
A shuffle around at half time saw Meg move to GS, Pip to WD and Cheryl to GK. Spears continued to control the game, with some great interceptions and defensive play from Cheryl GK 
and Kelly GD.
Spears started the final quarter leading 32-5. With the wind and rain still hammering down hard, Spears continued to get the goals in, the game finished 42-6 to Spears. An absolutely 
brilliant performance from the whole team in very difficult conditions. A huge thank you to all our spectators for braving the weather and well done to Hayley player of the match.

Canons v Spears 14/12/13

A brilliant win for spears on Saturday, the first quarter went off to a fantastic start with Spears getting 7 goals ahead of Canons. Ruby (WA) and Deb (C) doing some lovely mid-court play feeding into Meg (GS) and Milly (GA) meaning they could pop in the shots to leave the score at 9 – 2.

After the break spears came on once again fighting strong, with some un-breakable defensive play between Kelly (GK) & Katrina (GD). The balls were getting steadily passed down the court through Hayley (WD) and Jade (C) which meant that in this quarter the score got raised to 10 – 15, a excellent amount of goals scored by Pip (GS) and Milly (GA).

In the third quarter both teams came out tough and both scores got raised to 15-19. The quarter finished with similar progress as before 4 goals to Spears and 5 goals to Canons.

Despite Canons fighting spirit, Spears kept up the pace and thanks to some excellent game making from all the team this paid off with another 7 goals in the fourth and final quarter making the final score 19 – 26 to Spears.  Well done to Ruby who was very deservedly voted Players Player and thanks to the Umpires for their hard work and Spectators for their support.

Newton v Hawks 23/11/13

Paulton Tomahawks lost out in their match away on Saturday against Yeovil Newton in what was a fast paced game.

Tomahawks’ shooters, Davina and Darby, created intricate plays by using Sarah and Shelly to optimise the sisters’ shooting positions. Despite the fortitude of the opposition’s defence Davina and Darby were able follow up each other’s shots to consistently retrieve rebounds. The first quarter ended closely at 7-5 to Newton.

After assessing the play from the first quarter Tomahawks were resolute in aggressing to receive passes and stay focused; this was reflected by the centre-court players Laura (WD), Shelly (C) and Sarah (WA), who’s agility allowed them make interceptions and slow the opposition’s play. However Newton’s experienced shooters both showed impressive goal averages which meant Cheryl (GD) and Kirsty (GK) had to work hard to limit their mobility. The half-time whistle revealed the score of 20-14 to Newton.

The second half saw a mass change in team positions with Jade coming on to play as centre, Cheryl switching her mind-set from defending to assist Darby as shooter and Kirsty pushing up to GD to replace Cheryl and then Davina moving to face the opposition’s shooter, this gave formidable height advantage to prevent any more feeds into Newton’s attacking circle. The modifications seemed rejuvenate Tomahawks and rile the opposition so that the third quarter ended 27-23 to Newton.

Tomahawks kept the newly modified squad but brought Sarah back on as WD and started off the last quarter with some very impressive plays and long shooting but the score lines managed to creep away, finishing at 40-30 to Newton. The votes for player of the match go to Darby and players’ player(s) is split between Sarah and Kirsty.

Thank you to our spectators and to Jane for umpiring.

The team also wishes to congratulate and send our love to our captain, Victoria and her new-born baby girl.

Hendford v Vipers 16/11/13

Paulton visited Yeovil this week to play Hendford for the first time this season.
After a couple of weeks of changes to the team and not training as a team for a while Paulton started strong, with a new defence which saw Andrea move out play a WD position and Becky stepping into GK position, the score after the first quarter was close 11-14 to Hendford. With strong passing from Hayley and Vanessa to the shooters Helen and Zoe who were rarely missing Paulton closed the gap to 2 goals by half time 23-25 to Hendford. The third quarter saw both teams make positional changes, Hendfords attack came alive missing nothing and taking advantage of a few slips by the vipers team they extended their lead to 10 goals finishing the quarter 31-41. The final quarter saw goal for goal action with the final score 44-55, leaving the Vipers team pleased to have earned a point and knowing that now they have a consistent team next time victory will be theirs.

Junior’s continue winning ways

Paulton Rovers’ three junior teams travelled to Wells on Sunday 10th November to see if they could replicate their success from October’s tournament.  From the first whistle the U12s impressed their coaches with young Charlotte and Gracie getting their first real test of competitive netball.  The squad of eight quickly gelled together and put into practice their last three weeks of training to deliver some exciting matches.  Great passing throughout the court impresses interceptions from Tessa in defence and game play from Sky at C ensured that during the team’s five matches they always remained the dominant team.  Great shooting from Jade and Emily P kept Paulton’s supporters cheering and dynamic movement from Ellie and Maise in centre court allowed the ball to move smoothly up the channels.  A fantastic team performance saw the team win all five of their matches much to the delight of their coaches Liz and Jade.

Paulton’s U14b team also started early on Sunday taking on three teams.  Having taken on two teams last month the girls knew what to expect playing in the next age group and warmed up maturely, even asking to practice known weakness areas.  Their first game was against Purnell A in which Paulton came out hard, strong passing linked with drives on to the ball ensured that the team remained in possession at all times.  Hydee and Bethany worked hard in defence strengthening their relationship to ensure that Purnell were only able to score 3 goals.  While Shannon and Mollie converted the team’s hard work into goals, securing the team’s first win 7 – 3.  The next two matches unfortunately didn’t go Paulton’s way losing out by a goal each time as the final whistle blew, but the team showed great promise with their goal for goal performances.  Emily S grew in confidence with every match, intercepting some brilliant high balls, with Lori and Megan linking up and feeding the circle with ease at C and WA.  Again the team performed well leaving their coaches Victoria, Cheryl and Debbie excited for the future.

Finally Paulton’s U14a team were in action.  The team successfully finished top of the league after October’s tournament and were keen to continue their winning form.  With the pressure on the girls stepped on court to play their first match against Purnell B.  From the whistle the team shocked their coaches with their dominating fast play, with each player buzzing they moved the ball up the court with ease, setting their vision beyond the next player to long feed the ball into the shooting circle for Cerys and Macey to link up securing vital goals.  With everyone driving on to the ball, Purnell were unable to secure interceptions.  In return Paulton’s defence also dominated the semi circle tipping short passes and plucking high balls out of the air to ensure the team remained in possession.  A phenomenal start saw the girls win 15 – 0.  The team’s second match against Tor was closely contended with the score line staying low at 4 – 3  to Paulton, much to the credit of Meg WD and Rebecca GD in reading Tor’s play to overturn balls and provide vital attacking back up down the court.  Unfortunately the girls were to lose their next game against Bridgwater B as they showcased a fast paced controlled match.  Despite the team working hard and Emmie and Ellie giving it their all in centre court the team were unable to reach the shooting circle to fight back.  However the team learned that they must not allow their concentration to dip when playing under pressure.  Finally though, much to the delight of their spectators the girls were able to pick themselves up and dominate Taunton in an 11 – 0 win.  Great teamwork, accurate passing, and mature movement ensured that the ball always remained in Paulton’s hands.  Ella worked hard at GK reading the play to overturn Taunton’s shooting chances, which in return enabled Rebecca and Meg to once again drive the ball down the court to the attack.

Another fantastic team performance has given the squad a chance of being promoted into the high U14 League for the rest of season.  For now they must wait to see if they came first or second in the League.

U14a 2013-2014

Players of the tournament:  Ellie M, Shannon and Ellie D.  The coaches would like to thank all of the parents for their support and for cheering the teams on.

Vipers v Emeralds 26/10/13

The first quarter saw Vipers start with a slightly different team with Kristie starting at GK and Andrea at WD due to Liz being injured. Vipers dominated the quarter and it ended with them leading 6-1

The second quarter started with Emeralds making some changes and bringing a more experienced shooter out of defence.  This didn’t disrupt Vipers defence with Kristie and Kim making some important interceptions.  At half time Vipers had increased there led by 7.  19-12

The third quarter saw Vipers have a slight wobble with a few passes going astray and some important interceptions from Emeralds.  Vipers held on at quarter time still leading 24-21

The start of the fourth quarter Vipers knew they had to up there game and not get complacent. Excellent rebounding in defence meant Gloria, Ness and Hayley were able to link up well and feed the ball into Zoe and Helen in the circle and score from the turnovers.  At the final whistle the match ended with a great hard fought win for Vipers 34-30.

Vipers would like to thank Jane for umpiring and to all of their supporters who came to cheer them on.

Hawks v Gems 26/10/13

Tomahawks gained another unexpected valuable five points on Saturday when they took on Gems from Bridgwater who finished strongly last season.  Still on a high from last week’s fantastic win the girls took to the court with confidence knowing that if they played their own game, they could keep in contention with Gems.

The first quarter started strongly with the team proving to be the most disciplined and accurate with their play.  Fantastic shooting from Davina and Darby set the girls up well with them leading 8 – 5.  In shock from their dominating performance they knew they had to go out hard again against Gems if they were to keep their lead.  Super team work in defence from GK Kirsty, GD Cheryl and WD Laura, insured that Gems’ attacking play was kept at bay with the shooters being forced to shoot long and Laura completely taking her WA out of the equation.   As the minutes passed and more supporters arrived the team grew in strength, working the ball with ease down the court into Davina who dominated her GK and opened up space for Darby to move into.  Short sharp passes across the circle to Shelley and Sarah ensured that the shooters could work themselves ever closer to the post to secure valuable goals.  At half time the team were still leading 16 – 12.

Captain, Victoria stressed that the players must keep coming on to the attacking ball and to play their own game at their speed, as it was noticeable from the sidelines that Gems were starting to take advantage of their weakness.  Changes were also made to keep up with Gems unstoppable C with Shelley moving to WA and Sarah to C.  Unfortunately for Paulton, Gems came out fighting in the second half with a can do attitude to score some fantastic goals.  However not to be deterred the girls kept their composure with Cheryl dominating the centre third to offer vital support to the attack with words of direction and court support to ensure possession was kept.  As the final minutes ticked down Kirsty at GK made some amazing air interceptions keeping Gems’ shooters at bay and their growing confidence.  Unfortunately at the end of the 3rd quarter Gems had equalled the score to 22 – 22.

As the final quarter started Kirsty had to leave and was replaced by Kristie at GK.  Shelley and Sarah also swapped back to their original positions and a goal for goal match was played out before the team’s spectators.  With everyone now working 100%, the team continued to surprise Gems with their accurate play in both attack and defence.  Kristie gelled quickly with Cheryl and secured valuable rebounds for Laura to work down to the court to Sarah and Shelley.  As the final minutes passed Paulton were able to secure a valuable centre court interception to break Gems, winning the match 32 – 30.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring, Kristie and Ness for reserving and their supporters for cheering them on.

Spears v Garnets 26/10/13

A brilliant win for spears on Saturday, the first quarter went off to a fantastic start with Spears coming out fighting. Jade (WA) and Hayley (C) doing some lovely mid-court play feeding into Meg (GS) and Milly (GA) meaning they could pop in the shots to leave the score at 17 – 1.
After the break spears came on once again fighting strong and with a few changes and with some un-breakable defensive play between Becky (GK) & Amy (GD). The balls were getting steadily passed down the court through Kelly (WD) and Jade (C) which meant that in this quarter the score got raised to 32 – 3
Going into the third quarter Gemma came on at WD and spears still playing strong and the ball flowing well managed to stay in the lead with a score of 44-6.
Despite Garnets fighting spirit, Spears kept up the pace and thanks to some excellent game making from all the team this paid off with another 18 goals in the fourth and final quarter making the final score 62-8 to Spears.  Well done to Milly and Jade who was very deservedly voted Players Player and thanks to the Umpires for their hard work and Spectators for their support.

Hawks v Hovelands 19/10/13

Saturday 19th October saw Tomahawks take on Hovelands, a team always looking to finish in the top 3 of the Premiership Division.  With this in mind and from previous experience the team knew to expect a fast paced tough match against some very skilled players.  However the girls knew that they could hold their own against the team if they concentrated for a full hour.

The first quarter started slowly for both teams due to each defence over turning the first 5 minutes of attacking play.  This great defensive start for Paulton had their spectators already starting to whisper that the match could be un-expectantly close.  As the minutes ticked away Davina GS and Darby GA found their shooting space and began scoring some fantastic goals fed in by Sarah and Shelley with superb accuracy and ease.  Catching Hovelands on the hop Tomahawks took advantage and upped the pace of their game to finish the first quarter 9 – 5 up.

The second quarter started well again for Paulton with Cheryl GD working hard to keep her GA completely out of the shooting circle, which in turn gave Kirsty at GK the space to consistently make high interceptions into Hovelands GS.  With great accuracy Cheryl and Laura were able to work the ball out the defensive quarter linking in with Shelley and Sarah who were now balancing the court leaving their opponents looking lost.  As the crowd grew and cheers increased Tomahawks kept their composure and continued to push forward to lead at half time 15 – 12.

After a positive half time talk and instructions to keep the ball flat and short to prevent Hovelands from intercepting the team took to the court once again.  As expected Hovelands came out with a rotated squad to add new pressure to the team and a greater determination to up the pace of the game to gain control of the match.  However Paulton continued to fight, matching the pace of Hovelands on their attacking play and changing their own pace when needed.  Laura at WD worked tirelessly to cut the WA out of the game and was rewarded with some fantastic interceptions.  Everyone’s focus and some amazing long shots from Darby kept the team just ahead at 22 – 18.

Finally the last quarter arrived with the spectators now too nervous to watch as Hovelands came out fighting for the last time.  With their skill and flare now on full show the opposition began to take control with Tomahawks unable to match their play, dropping 6 goals behind.  However they soon regained composure and came back with Cheryl and Kirsty off putting Hovelands shooters, with Laura and Shelley linking up well to bring the ball down the court and Sarah out playing her WD to find Darby and Davina consistently in the shooting circle, who confidently shot from all angles.  As the minutes ticked by the crowd held their breath to watch Paulton secure a phenomenal victory, 31 – 30, securing five valuable points.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and all those that came to cheer and lift them on.

Spears v Newbarn 19/10/13

Spears took on top of the table Newbarn at home, they got off to a fantastic strong start, taking a 3-0 lead early on. At the end of the first half spears were leading 7-4, a few changes saw 
Pip come on at WD and Kelly move to GD, Newbarn started to settle and we're battling back, but Spears were still in the lead at half time. The start of the third quarter saw Pip move to GS, 
some amazing attacking build up from Hayley and Jade saw Milly GA and Pip dominate the shooting circle. Spears defence were staying strong and getting some really important 
interceptions, with Becky GK picking up the rebounds. Spears had built up a good lead and were 18-11 up at the end of the third quarter. The final quarter and Newbarn came out hard 
breaking Spears straight away but Spears battled back with some great play and were quickly dominating refusing to let Newbarn back in the game. The final score was 22-15 to Spears a 
fantastic team performance and well done to man of the match Pip.