Floodlight Fundraisers

Paulton Netball enthusiasts have raised £3,000 towards their plans to install floodlighting at Paulton Park and bring the sport back to the village.At present, both senior and junior sides are forced to train at Writhlington and Somervale schools during the winter season, although they play their home matches at Paulton.

The club was established 18 years ago and has thriving senior and junior sides, with the senior side playing in the Somerset League.

Fundraising efforts have included a sponsored goal shoot-out, disco, Body Shop party and Christmas fair.

The club has also been awarded a £1,000 grant from the Bath Half Marathon fund

Head junior coach Alison McLachlan said: “We have really done quite well considering we only started in September.

“Although we play our matches at Paulton, we do not have a base and it would be nice to bring the sport back to the village, and provide a sporting facility in the village.”

Donors thanked

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