Hovelands v Hawks 08/03/14

Paulton’s Tomahawks travelled to Taunton on Saturday ready to expect a tough match against a team driving itself back up the league table.  The match started as expected with Hovelands coming out hard and fast with fantastic movement and their shooters performing at 100% despite Kirsty, GK and Victoria GD working hard to intercept in coming balls.  Despite Hovelands dominating the first quarter Paulton stayed in control of their own game keeping the ball short and sharp to find attackers Sarah, WA and Jade C with ease.  Strong movement from Darby, GA and Davina GS also insured that Tomahawks scored some great goals.  Unfortunately luck was not on the team’s side with many shots bouncing out of the ring to trail the first quarter 18 – 5.

With the team’s aim now on maintaining their strong playing style and increasing their goal score they headed into the second and third quarter with enthusiasm.  Fantastic play from Shelley, WD closed down Hovelands attacking speed and Kirsty working hard at GK intercepted valuable balls into the shooter, limiting Hovelands increasing score line.

As the final quarter approached luck finally fell for Tomahawks with the team displaying fantastic movement and control to start their fight back from 53 – 16 to finish the match 70 – 31, scoring a massive 15 goals in the final quarter.  Every player remained disciplined throughout the match, converting loose balls and interceptions into goals and displaying real teamwork thoughout the game.  Depsite loosing heavily the team walked off feeling fantastic knowing that the score line did not reflect the standard of play they had just demonstrated.

The team would like to thank Andrea for reserving and Jade for playing.  Player’s player was Darby and match player Davina.

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