Knights vs Paulton A 23/09/10

Paulton A traveled away to Tor to take on Knights for their 2nd match of the season on a high after their team effort last Saturday.

Taking a squad including Josie and Kelly this week, Paulton started with the selected 7 and found the first 15 minutes tough, but trying some new training drills feeding the circle, managed to take the lead 11-10.

Going into the 2nd quarter with a new confidence, Davina proved more of a match for her GK and kept her shooting average high receiving strong passes from Cheryl and Hayley. The game seemed goal for goal with both sides fighting hard to try and take the advantage, Knights capitalized and went into half time with a 1 goal advantage 20-19.

Charlotte rotated with Josie, coming on at GK trying to prevent the high balls going into the circle. Josie and Victoria worked hard together using their experience to turn over some missed shots and passing the ball into the center court to Vanessa to put some great balls straight into the attacking circle. 3rd quarter finished 31-31.

Charlotte came back on for the last 15 minutes, with Paulton knowing they had to keep their nerve with the score line so close. It was all to play for being Paulton’s first season in the premier division and their first win insight. Every player on court played fantastic netball showing they deserve to be in the prem. When the final whistle blew Paulton had intercepted, fought, and worked hard to finish the game 43-40.

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