Mercury v Paulton B 16/10/10

The action set off at a fast pace in Paulton Bs away game to Mercury, with Paulton managing to sneak into an early lead after the opening five minutes.   Both teams were forcing turnovers as Paulton fought to keep their lead from an opposition who were beginning to get into their game.  However, Paultons experience meant that they were able to counteract the speed of their young opposition by forcing errors and making the most of the turnaround play.  Great mid-court play from Jade and Liz ensured that the sides finished the quarter level.

A tense start to the second quarter saw all 14 players that began the game remain on court. Paulton were showing a great work rate as they pushed their opponents all over the court and forced multiple errors.  Kristie and Helen were working well in the circle, with Kristie showing some superb athleticism to maintain possession following any rebounding shots.  With a lot of breaking following centre restarts, Paulton had to keep their heads to ensure that sloppy play was kept to a minimum as Mercury were taking full advantage of any penalties awarded to them.  The end of the half saw the teams leave the court with Paulton holding a small lead.

The third quarter saw Darby take the position of GA to give Paulton more attacking options within the circle.  However, Mercury were not letting up and their pace throughout the court meant that Paulton had to fight hard for every ball.  A great team of supporters kept Paulton heads up as Mercury threatened to level the scores throughout the first half of this penultimate quarter.  The new pairing of Laura and Becky continued working well defending the circle and upped their game even more following a Mercury resurgence, forcing their opponents to make errors when trying to feed the ball into their shooters.  With the support of Zoe at WD, they were able to turn defence into attack with relative ease.  Great work from Liz and Jade ensured that Paultons shooters didn’t have the same trouble receiving the ball as their Mercury counterparts, with Helen and Darby netting the ball to maintain the away teams lead by the end of the quarter.

Paultons more experienced side were able to cement their lead throughout the final quarter, with Zoe and Liz making some key interceptions throughout the centre third.  Helen remained on target within the circle with Darby feeding well and netting a lot of rebounds.  Jade was tireless in her support of both defence and attack, earning her the well-deserved Player of the Match award.  The game ended with a 30-25 win for a very happy Paulton side.

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