Newbarn Vs Paulton B

Paulton B travelled to Taunton after a few weeks of due to the bad weather. Despite this they were in good spirits when they took to the court in the winter sunshine.  With another changed team Paulton took a while to get into their stride allowing the young Newbarn team to take the first quarter  6 – 11.

The second quarter saw Paulton start to come together more as a team and some quick turn overs in centre cour,t by Elizabeth and Kim, Paulton’s attack were fighting to close the gap. However Newbarn were still in the lead 17 – 13.

After some unusual half time refreshment Paulton came on court a fresh and confident team.  Big defence by Katrina and Becky meant that  the Newbarn shooters only managed to score one goal. With Jade running everywhere making herself known Paulton kept pushing forward and finally took the lead 18 – 21

Having been in this situation with Newbarn before Paulton were not going to let the win slip away from them.  Thanks to some great long passes and great working of the ball around the shooters circle the attack were on fire. To top it off Kristie and Helen just did not miss in the final quarter and 25 – 31

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