Newton Vs Paulton A

A disappointing defeat loosing by only 2 goals, a game Paulton could have had in the bag, however with last minute decisions, this ended turning the result.

The first quarter, Paulton was fighting 110% turning over almost every opportunity from each centre to make our goals scored count. With excellent efforts from centre court players Shelly and Hayley, once the ball reached the circle, Cheryl and Vina had no trouble with there on form shooting in gaining the team goals, leading us to a healthy lead.

The game then became even tougher in the second quarter with Newton picking up the pace slowly getting close with goal scorings, with strong defence Victoria, Deb And Josie had a tough quarter but proved there skill by turning over their attackers passes.

If being drenched wasn’t bad enough, it was now a 17-17 draw, a decision to change centre court showed off Debs new talent as centre! And ness with an awesome quarter as WA making sure every ball was direct to score the much-needed goals, which steadied the game.

Paulton took the last quarter with real determination to want to win the game, and played the best netball we have played, but unfortunately with some decisions made against us, which some would say harsh, the game which was a lead by Paulton slowly passed into Newtons hands, a team effort saw many turn overs however not enough to see Paulton have the winning title which they had deserved. With a 22-20 defeat Paulton walked with there heads high as this matched proved there amazing team play! Brilliant play girls!

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