Paulton A Vs Dukes

Paulton were worried about playing Dukes as they had lost to them not so long ago in the Cup.

They started strong matching the team goal for goal.  As the match settled the defence were able to intercept Dukes play, with Ness, Vic and Deb linking up well together, enhancing Cheryl and Davina’s chances to score.  The first quarter ended 12 – 8.

Paulton came out strong from the whistle in the second half with Shelley and Hayley making some dynamic moves and passes into Davina at GS who proved unstoppable, not missing a shot giving the team a 27- 21 lead at half time. 

Josie came on to replace Ness at GK who moved to WD to give our oldest and shortest player a well earned rest!  The defence were fantastic and with a solid team performance Paulton extended their lead to 40 – 30.

Deb came back on at WD for last the quarter which saw Paulton play some excellent netball furthering their lead to 50 – 40. Player of match was Hayley at WA. 

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and welcome spectators to their Semi Final Cup Match on 27th February.

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