Paulton B v Keinton Mandeville 23/10/10

Despite the rain Paulton B took to the court a happy and confident team.  The first quarter started strong with some good turn overs from the mid court players Liz and Jade. The rain eased but Paulton did not ease up on Keinton and they took the quarter 17-5

The second quarter went much the same with Helen on target to push Paulton even further into the lead. Katrina and Zoe made some great interceptions preventing the Keinton attack from scoring and the ball went quickly back up the court to Kristie who worked well with Helen to finish the quarter 29-9

After a quick pep talk from the supporters and a change over with Darby coming on at WD Paulton came out fighting, but so did Keinton who capitalized on some poor passing to score more than the Paulton shooting team. The quarter ended 24-16.

For the final quarter Darby went to GA to assist in the shooting circle. Kelly B worked well at WA feeding the shooters brilliantly. At the other end of the court Kim made some interceptions that were quickly converted by the Paulton shooters. Paulton finished the game 41-27.

Thanks to all the supporters who braved the weather to cheer us on.

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