Quantock Vs Paulton A

Paulton travelled to Taunton hoping to win the last game before the Christmas break. With a smaller squad than usual, Paulton were still determined to win and get home quickly for the Christmas party that evening.

Despite the freezing temperatures Paulton started steadily with Ness and Cheryl accurately scoring with every opportunity. The centre court play was pressured well by Quantock but Shelley, Hayley and Cheryl worked hard to ensure they kept possession. At half time Paulton were ahead 33-14.

At half time Quantock came fighting back bringing the score to 40-24 after the third quarter. However; Josie, Vic and Deb were determined to keep focussed and defended very well. Some excellent interceptions by all saw goals converted.  An enjoyable game that saw Paulton win 52 goals to 32.  Well played by both teams.

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