Spears v Frome 05/01/13

Frome scored the first goal of the quarter with a quick goal in the opening minutes.   Spears took up the challenge and responded and the Milly/Zoe shooting combination supported by some amazing passing work on court resulted in a score of 9-1 to Spears at the end of the first quarter.

At the break after the first quarter Spears coach advised that we should slow the pace slightly to increase the accuracy of the passing and shooting.  This was very effective resulting in their highest scoring quarter. Kelly and Kirsty’s defensive play kept the pressure on Frome and although they kept up the fight Paulton took another 12 goals in this quarter widening the score to 21-2 due to some fantastic team play in defence, interceptions, and goals.

The third quarter saw Frome take up the task and some changes to the team saw a more even quarter with some strong defensive play in the centre of the court.  Ruby & Hayley fought hard to get the ball down to the shooters resulting in a further 4 goals for Spears.

Frome’s efforts started to wane towards the end of the game and they struggled to cope with the pace resulting in Spears scoring a further 11 goals giving Spears a final score of 35 – 6. This was a very successful win for spears. A great 100% team effort. Well done girls!

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