Paulton B Vs Monmouth 20th February

Having lost badly to Monmouth in their last meeting a very nervous Paulton B team took to the court on Saturday.  However these nerves were soon dispelled and some good attacking play by Paulton allowed Helen and Kristie to push Paulton into the lead 10-3

The second quarter was a shaky one for Paulton and some and passes allowed Monmouth to intercept. However Liz and Kim battled in centre court to keep the lead. Finishing the quarter 14-10

After a half time talk from the A Team Paulton went back on court feeling a tad more confident. Jade played some fantastic netball with truly fantastic movement. Katrina was on fire in defence preventing her player from gaining any space.  Paulton remained in the lead heading into the final quarter 19-13

After a quick change at the last minute Ness came on to replace Kim at WD slotting in well and providing good centre court coverage. Becky continued to put pressure on the shooters who struggled to find the net. Paulton finished the game 28-17

Both Paulton sides are now looking confidently forward to their KO Semi final match this Saturday at Paulton Rovers. The A team are in action from 10:30 and the B team take to the court at 12:30. Come along and cheer them on!!

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